12 Competencies


Core Competency Number 1:  Your Planning, Policies and Procedures

The intent of this program was to study several entrepreneurs at several different levels of growth, including those that had built their companies to £10 million and beyond.

The key ingredient to those that had built their companies over £10 million was in the discipline of the business more so than it was in the idea.  Meaning, there are a lot of banks in the world, but only one became Citibank.  The key ingredient to your greatness is in these three words (and you cannot build a great company without them):  Planning, Policies and Procedures.  Hopefully, you’re beginning to see that companies bound for greatness are “structured” to achieve said greatness.

Core Competency Number 2:  Strategy vs. Tactics

This is huge.  Now we’re going to talk about marketing.  But before we begin, we need to break down marketing into several categories.  The first thing to really understand is the difference between strategy and tactics.

Strategy means that you have determined, in advance, an ultimate goal you would like to achieve for each tactic.

Tactics are the things you do to achieve your goal.  A tactic is a marketing effort such as:  a yellow page ad, a newsletter, a speaking engagement, a sales call, a trade show, a newspaper ad, a meeting with a new client, etc.

This is perhaps the biggest revelation to most business owners.  They had never clearly thought through the ultimate position they wanted to achieve in their businesses.  And if they had, those thoughts were NOT being deployed at the tactical level.  If you want to be the most respected company in your market, do your tactics reflect that desire?

And most have certainly not thought through the ultimate objective they wanted to achieve for each tactic.  This one single mind-set shift will make the difference between truly being the pre-emptive choice in your market or dreaming about it.  Fact:  Master just this ONE area and you will DOMINATE your market!

Core Competency Number 3:  GET CLIENTS

Do you struggle getting appointments?  In the last ten years, the cost to get in front of a prospect or customer has tripled.  Yet, the effectiveness of marketing has declined by 50%.  So you’re paying three times as much to get half the result.  This session shows how you can get in front of anyone. Short of the Prime Minister himself (and this might even work with him) this segment of the BGC program shows you that there is no one who you can’t get an appointment with if you so desire.

We also cover 66 primary ways to get customers.  How many do you use?  Three?  Five?  We’ve taught many ways to get customers many times before.  But what we have never taught, and what is taught differently here (and with piercing effectiveness) was HOW you get the 66 different ways all functioning with the height of efficiency in your business.  Don’t take chances – make this area a MUST LEARN.

Core Competency Number 4:  Understanding “The Sales Process”

Let’s be honest.  If your business doesn’t understand the sales process, thoroughly, then you are fooling yourself about being successful.  Remember, there are seven fundamental steps that every mind goes through in order to make a purchase decision.  And learning those is one thing, and very powerful — but the greatness of this program comes as you are forced to directly identify how those seven steps relate to YOUR product or service.

This makes you a scientist, not an artist.  We’ve already made you an artist.  With this module we now bring you the material to make you the disciplined business scientist.


Core Competency Number 5:  Effective Presenting

Did you know that almost all of our motivation comes from things we see rather than what we hear?  How effectively are you using visual aids to communicate your message to your market?  How about in your promotional pieces, presentations, trade shows, retail floor space, direct mail, promotional pieces, etc?  How effectively are YOU presenting YOURSELF?  Learn the details from 20 years of scientific study.  Don’t guess.  The BGC will transform you and your team members into master communicators.


Core Competency Number 6:  Master the Telephone

It’s one of the most valuable weapons in today’s business arsenal, yet most people are amateurs compared to what this session taught on using this weapon strategically.  Seriously, not to be insulting, but we’ve never met anyone who could hold a candle to the techniques unveiled here. Discover how to master the telephone and your business can accomplish almost anything.

Core Competency Number 7:  Dream 100

Want to double your sales without doubling your efforts?  This one concept, properly executed, could have more impact than perhaps anything else you can do.  This approach may be more long term, but ultimately can take you to the top of your market by using a specific strategy that identifies and captures a small number of Dream clients with fantastic results virtually every time.


Core Competency Number 8:  Your Time Management

Do you run your company by “got-a-minute” meetings?  Where anyone can go to anyone else, anytime they want and have an instant “got-a-minute” meeting.  That’s a terrible way to run a company.  99% of companies, particularly the entrepreneurial companies are in a highly reactive mode most of the time.  After you set up your goals, the BGC teaches you how to run a company for maximum productivity, with the kind of structure that takes your business seriously.  Because if you’re not taking your business seriously, then you’re playing at business and it will never be a sustaining, enduring, self-perpetuating entity.  This one 45 minute module is outstanding and teaches you EVERYTHING you will ever need to know about time management.


Core Competency Number 9:  Follow-Up & Bonding Procedures

Is the follow-up in your company up to the individual moods, attitudes and skills of each individual?  Or – have you designed highly structured follow-up procedures that absolutely ensure that your company bonds with its customers?  If not here’s how!

Core Competency Number 10:  Traits of Overachievers

This was excellent.  We actually had a diagnostic test that we gave everyone that determines whether or not you’re an overachiever.  How about your staff?  Your new-hires?  Not only does this segment teach what makes someone an overachiever in business, but it sets up standards for behaviour and performance evaluation in every area of doing business.  This segment is a brilliant experience and you’ll love it.

Core Competency Number 11:  Your Goals

Setting and monitoring goals for each area of your company can cause 200-300% increases in performance.  Do you know the best proven way to set goals, reinforce goals and support a goal-oriented environment for your business? This teaches that the number one thing to do is to get everyone focused on solution-oriented goals.  “The most powerful thing you can do for any company is to help them create a goal-oriented environment.” So if you’re interested in accelerated growth and are truly serious about it, the BGC teaches how to set up your entire organization for just such growth.  In fact this section contains all the secrets you’ll need to Grow or turn any company around.

Core Competency Number 12:  Hiring & Motivating

There is no way we could do justice to the impact of this particular session.  Most people wouldn’t know a superstar performer if they bumped into one.  Most companies don’t realise that, for every great idea you have there are ten top performers out there who would love to take that ball and run with it for you.

And you can get them to work on straight commission, and this program teaches you how.  Turn them into your greatest profit centre instead of expense.  There’s a certain kind of recruiting ad that has a virtual magnetic pull of top performers.  There are three things you can do in an interview that will automatically weed out the people who will be problems later.  We teach it all in this segment of the BGC.  You must have this intelligence to succeed today.


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  • 52 Workshops on improving your company
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  • In Depth Workshop on how to build a core story

“Real entrepreneurs do not hesitate to take action when it comes down to making good decisions about their business” Richard Branson